Top Containers - A new approach to direct furniture containers from Asia and Europe to the UK

Top Containers offers a fresh new approach to importing door to door furniture containers to the UK.  It has become very clear to the management of Top Containers that most of the big direct container companies still make huge margins on direct containers imported from China and Vietnam to the UK.  Top Containers will shortly be launching several popular oak dining furniture ranges for customers in the UK with prices that will be the lowest in the UK.  We aim to shake up the direct container industry and offer prices that will be hard to ignore by running the business with very low overheads in a similar way to the parent company Top Furniture.  By managing costs very carefully and learning from our vast experience as an internet retailer we are looking forward to passing on huge price savings to our new customers.  Quality will not be an issue with Top Containers because we have partnered up with some of the best furniture factories in China, Vietnam and Lithuania along with some strict quality control teams to ensure that quality is not an issue.  Combined with some exciting fresh new designs made from American oak and high grade German and Baltic oak the management are confident that this will be a winning strategy during 2014 where price points are now more important than ever before.

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Top Containers is a Trade Only Furniture Distributor & Wholesaler

Email for details.  Example wholesale example prices below with free delivery for orders over 1000 !


Choose from 20 foot or 40 foot high cube containers to get the best possible value when importing oak furniture from the Far East.  40' HC containers can hold up to 75 cubic metres of furniture in them which can be around 400 oak chairs or 200 or more oak tables depending on the volume of each item.  We are currently offering wholesale and trade prices for oak tables and chairs that are far cheaper than most direct container rates.  No need to import a 40 foot container of furniture.  Spend over 10,000 and get the best possible container prices but for delivery from stock with a faster lead time.  Talk to us to discuss your requirements in more detail.